72 New Year's Resolution Ideas That Are Realistic and Achievable

At the start of the year in January 2020, we couldn’t wait to start another roaring 20’s era. We all looked forward to so many major holidays finally landing on the weekend, and we were making plans in advance to make this year the best year we’ve had yet! Instead, we scrambled for toilet paper, raged about Tiger King, watched an excessive amount of Tik Tok, increased our screen times by an uncomfortable amount, and maybe drank a bit too much on the weekdays…and weekends.

Let’s hope that 2021 looks a lot different than the past nine months have, and let’s start putting some resolutions together to forget that 2020 screwed us. The Roaring ’20s can make a comeback this year, even if we have little couch parties on the 31st to safely watch the annual New York City ball drop (which will be virtual this year)! 

Resolutions are about making changes, striding toward personal goals and achievements, and improving aspects of our lives at an individual level—or even for the betterment of the people around us. This year, let’s be gentle with ourselves and set ourselves up with realistic and achievable goals that will hopefully relieve our stresses about this past monstrosity of a year and bring some peace and motivation to a refreshing 2021.

Here’s a list of seventy-two 2021 New Year’s Resolutions that are sure to start the year off on the right foot and get you excited for your new year! 

1.) Keep Health a Priority

Mental health and physical health are equally important and can often be overlooked. This year was an eye-opener to be more aware of hygeine and severity of illnesses. Take care of yourself in the new year and stay safe. 

2.) Work Toward Your Body Goals

Set up a gym membership or begin at-home workouts to achieve your goal. Whether your goal is to gain muscle mass, lose weight, or to strengthen your body in general, you can do it! 

3.) Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Being healthy begins with the food you're ingesting. Eating clean is beneficial for so many reasons and it's a plus that fruits and veggies taste amazing! 

4.) Volunteer for Local Organizations

Volunteer work can be done remotely or in-person. Giving back to your community is a great way to get involved, meet new people, all while playing a part in making a difference. 

5.) Get Organized

Do a deep clean and organize your cabinets using storage containers, go through those messy junk drawers, or any other space you know has been put off for way too long.

6.) Learn to Better Manage your Money

Start a spreadsheet using Excel or get started with budgeting, saving money, and figuring out where expenses can be cut back. This is a great way to track your spending habits and save up for those big future purchases. 

7.) Make Your Bed Every Morning

This routine task can help you get out of bed and stay out of bed for the day and it keeps your room looking put together. Who doesn't love getting under the blankets of a perfectly made bed? 

8.) Plan Time for Self-Care

It's easy to forget about taking care of ourselves when we have so much going on. Take a Sunday to do a face mask, soak in a hot bubble bath, make tea, and listen to a good podcast, get your brows and nails done. Anything! 

9.) Contact Family More Often 

Pick up the phone to call or send a quick text to let your family know that you're thinking of them. Life gets busy for everyone but it's always nice to catch up.

10.) Start-Up a New Hobby

Whether it's painting, starting a blog or podcast, skiing, sailing, knitting, makeup, photography, starting a collection, or anything else that interests you, now is the time to finally just do it! 

11.) Pursue a Degree, License, or Certification to Enhance Resume

Take online courses to get certified in areas of your field (LinkedIn has so many) or get started on a degree or License if it's something you've wanted to do.

12.) Create a New Tradition

This can be a monthly tradition or a holiday tradition! Maybe setting up a Zoom call with long-distance friends or celebrating an event with specific themes. There are endless options.

13.) Shorten Your Screen Time

Put the phone down and enjoy the moment more. If you have time, watch the Netflix series The Social Dilemma-that will make you want to put your phone down for a while!

14.) Start Journaling

A great way to get your emotions and ideas out of your mind and onto physical paper. It's a way to vent, better understand your mind and thoughts, and release tensions or anxieties. It doesn't hurt to try it! 

15.) Write in a Daily Planner

Organizing your life doesn't always mean cleaning. Buy a brand new 2021 planner and get your days, weeks, and months planned out! It will set you up for success for the year! 

16.) Read More Books

Go to your local library, Barnes and Nobles, or Amazon for a good book (or audiobook). Reading is so relaxing and addicting when you find the genres and authors that you love. Explore your book options and set your resolution to read!

17.) Make Time to Travel

Grab a group of friends and take a trip to the beach, the lake, or a Skiing lodge! Whether you take a road trip, fly, take a bus, or backpack, just get out there and go! Plan a fun trip and make up for the lost time of 2020! 

18.) Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts have been around for so long but this year, they've POPPED OFF! Podcasts are perfect for car rides, taking a walk, and replaces some of the moments you typically listen to music.

19.) Drink Less

2020 drove a lot of people to drink, cutting back wouldn't hurt for 2021! 

20.) Stop Smoking/Vaping

This is a really common resolution for people so, if this is your resolution, you can do it! 

21.) Join a Club

A great way to get involved in a group that shares the same interests as you! Finding a new club through social media, your school, or your community.

22.) Join an Online Community

Discussion forums, social media platforms, and gaming communities are perfect for chatting with people worldwide! Whatever your interests are, there are sure to be online group you can join in! 

23.) Support Your Local Mom and Pop Shops

2020 was life-changing for small businesses. This year, let's make it a point to shop and support our amazing local shops and restaurants! 

24.) Try a New Restaurants Once Per Month

Speaking of restaurants... switch up your go-to's or date night meals, whether it's a take-out order on GrubHub or a night out for dinner!

25.) Try Cooking New Recipes 

If you love to cook or are just getting into cooking, create a Pinterest board, or research new recipes that you'd like to try and stop cooking the Gigi Hadid vodka sauce pasta every day!

26.) Stop Eating Fast Food

Speaking of cooking recipes, ditch your drive-thru run, and get started on a health kick this new year!

27.) Be Selfish

It's okay to put yourself first and allow yourself to be more dependent on yourself and put your needs and wants above other people. It's okay to say "No" to people and stop people-pleasing! 

28.) Donate to Charity

Promote and contribute to local or global charities toward non-profit organizations.

29.) Continue to Stay Sanitized in Public

Keep your hands clean and germ-free as we continue to share public spaces!  

30.) Short Daily Walks

A perfect way to switch up your routine to get out of the office or house for some fresh air!

31.) Redecorate an Area of Your Home

Spruce up any area of your home with inspiration from Pinterest or bold pieces of art! It's a fun interior design project that lets you get creative with DIYs and shopping. 

32.) Scrapbook Your Memories

Print out photos of your favorite memories and piece together each page with stickers, short passages, and other decorative elements. It'll be a long project that will be kept forever! 

33.) Hype Yourself Up with Words of Affirmation

Leave the negative thoughts about yourself in 2020, and start speaking positive messages to yourself in the mirror! 

34.) Compliment People More Often

Make people around you smile and feel confident with a small compliment to make their day!

35.) Monthly Movie Night

Have a monthly chill night-in with some drinks, popcorn, and enjoy a movie with yourself, your friends, or as a date night!

36.) Daily Tidy-Up

Tidy up the night before, and start off the day with an empty sink, clean counters, and a cleaned-up space to wake up to! 

37.) Keep Your Car Clean

Get a car wash, take out the trash, and keep car organization accessories to keep a clean car! Bath and Body sell amazing scents to keep your vehicle smelling great. 

38.) Increase Networking Efforts

Connect with professionals by creating a LinkedIn to gain insights into your industry, job search, and gain online certifications!

39.) Take Chances and Risks

It's easy to get comfortable with a routine, but being more spontaneous and taking a chance can be the best decision you've ever made! 

40.) Drink More Water

Stay hydrated, buy a Hydroflask/Yeti, and drink H2O! 

41.) Take up Yoga

Whether you take classes at a yoga shop or follow at-home videos, it's a great way to stretch your body and relax at the same time.

42.) Meditate

Take a moment to bring awareness to your mind and thoughts to gradually bring peace or clarity.

43.) Invest

There are various ways to invest your finances. Do some research and figure out ways that may work for you! You may find a new passion and make a few million!

44.) Wake up Earlier

Some of the most successful people in the world have talked about waking up early. I guess the saying is true, "the early bird gets the worm". Adapt to early, productive mornings! 

45.) Switch Up Your Style/Wardrobe

Shop for the new year! Find your style and switch up your look, hair, makeup, nail color! Get bold!

46.) Make a Letter to Future Self

Write a letter about your resolutions, what you hope to achieve in the next year, and whatever else feels right to share with your future self. Open it up the following New Year and see how much has changed! 

47.) Make a Time Capsule

Capture items, photos, or notes that remind you of the year 2020. Record where it is located, and maybe your ancestors or people of the future will find it and hold your memories of this crazy time-period. Put 2020 in the past with this and move onto the new year! Great little activities for kids! 

48.) Let the Natural Light Inside

Keep your blinds and curtains open during the day to let the bright light and sun rays into your space. Natural lighting has the benefits of happiness, calm, and a healthier environment.

49.) Take Drives to Relax

Sometimes it's nice to roll the windows down, play music, and take the back roads of your town when you just need a break from your responsibilities. Maybe this is the year drives with good company and good vibes.

50.) Blast Some Music and Clean

Instead of cleaning miserably in silence, turn on some music, and make cleaning a better experience. It can be a therapeutic, relaxing time.

51.) Skin Care Routine

Find a skincare routine and be consistent with it. Your skin will be glowing, plump, and hydrated for clear, beautiful skin.

52.) Stop Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it's often missed! Grab a bag of apples or granola bars for a quick and simple option. 

53.) Leave Negativity Behind

Weed out negative thoughts, people, and toxicity that might be dragging your happiness down. Easier said than done, but it's something to work toward throughout the new year.

54.) Make Grocery Lists Before Shopping

Go into grocery shopping with a plan and stick to the items on the list. Save money and time!

55.) Do More of What you Love

Do what makes you happy. PERIOD. 

56.) Make Music Playlists for Every Occasion

Create playlists for the gym, cooking, showering, and every mood! It's great for different friend groups to listen to and different moods.

57.) Floss Everyday

Something that people tend to forget is flossing! Get into the habit in the new year and leave plaque buildup in 2020. 

58.) Improve Current Skills

Become an expert! There is always room to grow, learn, and improve in our current skillset. Practice makes perfect, so keep going.

59.) Color Coordinate Your Closet

This is life-changing and makes picking out your outfits so quick and easy. It's aesthetically satisfying and organized. 

60.) Improve Work Ethic/Studies

Research ways to be a better employee, leader, student, or role you're in within an organization. Ask more questions, ask for feedback, and do more listening.

61.) Become more Minimalist

If you've been trying to get rid of your materialistic lifestyle or thinking about it, try it out this year and cut back on your spending and save space in the process!

62.) Connect with Old Friends

2020 was hard to stay connected with all of your friends and maybe you've been thinking about your past friends. Reach out to them and try to rekindle your friendship.

63.) Create Inspiring Pinterest Boards

Inspire your future projects, recipes for baking, interior design, tattoos, motivational quotes, budgeting, and so much more!

64.) Upcycle, Sell or Donate Clothes

Pick through your clothes to DIY, donate to your local GoodWill, or sell through to Plato's Closet or online apps like Poshmark or Depop!

65.) Learn a New Language/Sign Language

Use your free time to gain a better understanding of languages around the world. The journey to learning a language will get you familiar with your primary grammar and vocabulary along the way. 

66.) Pursue Steps Toward Your Dream Career

Whatever your dreams may be, put your mind to it and start mapping out a business plan or take the plunge and don't look back. Again, take risks. Life is too short! 

67.) Create a Mood Board

Manifest specific aspects of your life as a visual collage. You can use magazine clippings, newspaper headlines, and imagery, or other online technologies like Canva. 

68.) Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Purchase seasonal candles to make your space smell perfect for every occasion, and add a diffuser with your favorite scented oils for a relaxing ambiance! Making this a routine throughout the year is a great way to make your living space feel more "homey."

69.) Show Your Appreciation

People love to feel appreciated, and what better way than to express with flowers, a note, or a small comment every once in a while!

70.) Participate in a 5K

Put on those running shoes and break a sweat in running competitions. Participate and feel accomplished when you make it to the finish line!

71.)  Social Media Clean-Up

It may be time to go through the followers or friends on your social media platforms and do a little "cleanse." This could be a great way to start off the new year with people you know and trust viewing your content! 

72.) Check Off Items on Your Bucket List

Whether your an adrenaline junkie trying skydiving, visiting the Grand Canyon, or going to your favorite artists' concert, check that off your wish list!